Who Am I You Ask?

My real name is Robert Meek, but I’m well known around the NET as “FFOman” and on some sites and their forums as “FFOlonghair”. I’ve lived a somewhat ‘strange’ life as compared to many people around the world, and this has provided me with a wealth of experience, knowledge, and many strong but sensible I think, opinions. Being a very young 57 years of age, I am considered to be an old hippie by many of my peers, and because I hold a particular affinity for the era and look the part as well, I am very happy to oblige them by playing the role.

I’ve loved and practiced the arts and humanities, especially those involving visual media and classical writing styles, since I can remember, and attended USC’s Architecture and Fine Arts school for two whole years before a physical disability required that I look in another direction. And in doing so I found myself immersed in the world of Photographic arts for over 30 years.

These days however I am more involved in the technical arts and visual interface programming, and have had to move from my birthplace and beloved areas of the Pacific coastline to a small economically and culturally deprived town in Pennsylvania in order to stay close to my two beautiful daughters and grandson. Here amongst the worn out anthracite coal mines is where my mother was born, where she forced my father to live for most of their married life, and coincidentally, where I met my own wife of 12 years!

What motivated my entry into the blogging community is quite simple. I care deeply about the world, its peoples, and everything they do, and have been writing commentary on the many varied sides of humanity as well as technical documentation for programmers since I was a teen. And I even published some of my words on the old ARPnet when I was in college. Now however, the internet makes it easy for anyone to show and tell, so I thought I’d give it a good try myself before people stop reading altogether!

It is my fondest hope that you will enjoy or at least find interesting the topics I intend to write about, and that you will come back every month without me having to beg. If you do, please take a few moments to drop me a line or post a comment. I promise never to give away or sell anything you have to say including personal information or e-mail addresses.

You can reach me via e-mail at these addresses:




2 thoughts on “Who Am I You Ask?

  1. Hi Susan…I wish I knew who you are, or better said, who you were! My ex
    disappeared my high school yearbook, but methinks you most likely had a
    different last name during high school! I do sympathize with anyone
    having to move back here no matter what the reason, I’ve always found it
    depressing, morally confused, and culturally insignificant. All the ethnic
    groups here claim their heritage and wear it like a badge of honor, but upon
    any comparison you might which to make between them shows without doubt that
    they are all quite the same underneath, living in a world of
    hypocrisy, predjudism, self-righteousness, hatred, and guilt, all willing to
    satiate themselves at the expense of others when ever they can get away with
    it! Having lived all over this country I can say without hesitation that
    although there are indeed many areas exhibiting the same problems,
    Schuylkill County wins this battle vying to be the very best of the worst
    hands down! And the only reason I came back here again is because my
    brother, then my mother, and probably sooner than not, my father’s has or
    will soon end. And on top of that, both my daughters are living in Pa and
    doing quite well! My oldest has a great job with a financial company in
    Philly, and my younger one is married, living and working in St. Clair, and
    gave me a grandson 6 years ago! Anyway, I hope I didn’t depress you
    further…Take care!

  2. I may be moving back to that region as well due to my mother’s failing health. Though I am scared once I get back in that area of the country I may be trapped for the rest of my days in the darkness of the coal region…though it has some very specific ethnic charm of it’s own, it is very economically poor and that adds to the daily wear and tear on one’s psyche and body. Alas, why does the meaning of life seem to always revolve around the painful parts?

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